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Research reports

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The Last Pantheacon

2020 marked the 26th and final instalment of PantheaCon, the largest indoor gathering of Pagans in the world. 

Playa fire 2019

Drugs, nudity, wild living… such is the image most have of Burning Man. It’s a partly correct view; yes, it is a party in the desert, but that’s just the tip of it.

Journeys in Paganistan
As our culture increasingly accepts a Pagan worldview, the question hangs over us as believers in Jesus Christ: Why are we afraid?
Parliament of Intolerance

Events such as the Parliament set the social message and tone, particularly for academia and the international community. Watch as the cultural language changes.

cities as global actors

This report outlines some of the take-aways and developments from the 2006 World Urban Forum. 

global governance 02

In 2002, a major gathering took place in Montreal. The purpose: To outline a new international order as envisioned by global pressure groups.

People's World Government

This was where, for the next two days, world thinkers would develop a vision for global government? Something didn’t seem right.