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Earth Day

How can we save Mother Earth? According to the first Earth Day, we can start by placing the blame on Christianity and Western values, and then adopt pagan and radical socialist solutions.

Psychedelic Spirituality

Western psychedelics floated Eastern beliefs to a new high. From coast to coast, America was tripping on experiential spirituality. But it didn’t die in the early ’70s. This revolution-in-mind is still playing out.

The Reset Agenda

The Great Reset is before us: a global public-private partnership that follows the mystic path of social feelings, the holy writ of consensus politics, and the self-anointed prophets of international finance… all managed by the priests of digital technology.


Is Freemasonry a benign order, a place for self-improvement & good deeds? Or does the Craft transmit a religiously-oriented meaning; an esoteric school of universalism and spiritual enlightenment?

Spiritual perestroika

During Gorbachev’s era as the last Soviet leader, an unusual spiritual-political interlock took place between American-based New Age thinkers and Kremlin power brokers. A backchannel of sorts opened up, and with it, a new global outlook.


New religious associations have arisen in response to the promises of technology. This article explores the techno-beliefs that dot the transhumanist landscape.

world order

The phrase, “new world order,” spans generations, showing up in the literature of internationalism even before the Wright brother’s first flight. But the meaning has remained consistent; it is a “big idea.”  

The God Market

A host of esoteric options are peddled for our spiritual consumption, each being a reflection of that ancient pretence: You will be as God.

Spiritual Politics

The unification of religions in-line with the federation of the world is, to understate it, a big idea. As the new Millennium dawned, this vision of unity was a heady anticipation.

visions of one

Merging into a grand synthesis may have seemed like a fringe idea back in the 1990s. Such thinking, however, was already evident in the spiritual landscape. Now, the seeds of oneness are firmly planted in our cultural soil.

religious riptide

Secularism didn’t supplant religion in the West, as some 20th Century humanists had anticipated. Instead, new spiritual expressions entered the landscape, often with roots firmly planted in the metaphysical soil of the East.

Mind Bending

Global Citizenship education shapes young minds to accept an internationalist paradigm, creating political activists in the process. 

Scientific World Society

Famed British philosopher, Bertrand Russell, wrote much on the subject of world order and international management. Here are five jaw-dropping quotes from Russell’s books.

the postmodern self

Postmodernism has left civilization in a state of confusion, and in this, the tendency to elevate Self becomes a cultural norm. But this, too, is illusionary. 

Collective Revolution

Communism, socialism, world change: 40 provocative quotes on collective revolution. 

Eco-Global Government

Notions of world government have long circulated among elite circles, and the environmental movement has been a significant part of their global vision.

Social justice

Is social justice just? Or is it the manipulation of the masses for a political end? This essay tackles the history and meaning of a popular concept, showing it for what it is.

Vatican world order
An historical examination of the Vatican’s support for a political world authority.
labyrinth journey

Christians looking to bring new relevancy and experience within church worship did not rediscover the labyrinth as a spiritual tool. As we shall see, it’s been part of the esoteric world for a very long time.

open conspiracy
H.G. Wells’ many books, both fiction and non-fiction, inspired multitudes of men and women who, like Wells, looked to a “World State” as the savior of humanity.
The city of man

Symbolically, the spirit of the city rests in our collective strength, power, and security; it is where we live-out visions of grand unity. This was the heartbeat of a strange proposal.

dreaming one world
More than a century ago, a well connected Unitarian minister issued a 5-point vision statement for world order. Today, this near-forgotten document stands as a testament to the continued dream of progressive elitists.
Education for Change

Education has long been recognized as a major tool for social change. Here are twelve quotes, from diverse sources, highlighting education for transformation and global restructuring.

single global currency
“The great struggle of history has been for the control over money. It is almost tautological to affirm that to control the production and distribution of money is to control the wealth, resources, and people of the world.” – Jack Weatherford.
Tax everyone

“Presently, Americans accept mandatory taxes on a state and national level. A successful world government rides on applying this system internationally.”

Universal Intergration

“…the world can be changed in a brief space of time. Within the life of a single generation it can be made to undergo changes so profound, so revolutionary…”

the world man

United World was a call to shift society from nationalism to worldism. These quotes reveal that globalization isn’t new, but deeply rooted in the desire for a “united world.”

global force

The desire for collective security runs deep. It is the hope of globalists and international minded organization, a vision of world peace secured through a world military force.

new age messiah

“What would Jesus do?” This Jesus, it turns out, is on a mission to help the world save itself through the evolutionary power of human unity and collective action.