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Welcome to Forcing Change - Information with an Edge
Carl Teichrib, as editor of Forcing Change, speaks at conferences and in other public settings, is a frequent media guest, and his writings are published in various forums and outlets. Carl appreciates these opportunities, but does not necessarily agree with and/or endorse the worldviews and positions of event organizers, other conference speakers, media hosts and networks, publishers and other authors.

Your world is being radically re-shaped...

…and over the years this transformation has been given a variety of labels: Global Governance, the New World Order, Internationalism, World Federalism, International Management, World Law, and Global Democracy have all been used to describe the political side of these phenomena.

In the realm of religion and society, phrases such as United Religions, Interfaithism, Religious Pluralism, Unity in Diversity, Global Citizenship, and International Solidarity express the global change of culture, thought, and faith.

Economics, too, has its lexicon of transformation: the New Economic Order, Monetary Unions, Global Free Trade, Regional Currency Areas, the International Monetary System, and a Single Global Currency all speak to the re-shuffling of economic might.Yet all of these phrases, and more, are wrapped up and represented in one word: globalization.

Forcing Change is an extraordinary intelligence source, providing a unique world-view window with a panoramic sweep of globalization.

Utilizing solid-source materials, on-the-ground contacts and expert analysis, Forcing Change educates and equips its members through its professional monthly journal, documented e-books, and other specialized products; including access to its restricted library of downloadable source documents and reports.

FC’s scope is globalization as a total package, including religious and social trends, politics and economics, regional developments, and the influence of special interest agendas – including global environmental initiatives.

Regardless if you’re a layperson, professional, politician, business leader, educator, or member of the clergy, Forcing Change is an indispensable compass – your guide through the wilderness of mirrors. Because globalization crosses all the lines. 

Forcing Change: Making sense of our changing world...

Each month a new publication is added to the Store area that you can purchase individually for $4.00 - or you can apply for a membership and have complete access to all Forcing Change editions, (including all back-issues), access to a host of other specialty reports, audio files, video feeds, a library of source documents, and more; all complete with the cost your membership!

Check out our back-issue list below! The topics are vast, articles well-documented, and the subjects are absolutely vital to our day and age. Remember, Forcing Change isn't a news-source, it's an education - one that gives you the tools to understand our changing world. 

Volume 9, Issue 10     

  1. "Things Change. Fast." - A Report on the Parliament of the World's Religions

Volume 9, Issue 9     

  1. Visions of One - Part 1

Volume 9, Issue 8

  1. Exploring Worldviews
  2. The World Today: What People Believe

Volume 9, Issue 7     

  1. Culture Shift
  2. We Are All Connected - A Survey in Transformational Culture
  3. The "Gospel" According to Yoga

Volume 9, Issue 6

  1. - A Culture Shattered
  2. - A Biblical View of the Obergefell vs. Hodges Decision
  3. - Fast Facts on Socio-Sexual Change

Volume 9, Issue 5

  1. Strengthen the Machinery of World Government - The Age of "Global Spiritual Politics"
  2. Quotable Quotes on World Federalism
  3. Shaping the Global Christian Youth

Volume 9, Issue 4     

  1. Building Cosmopolis

Volume 9, Issue 3     

  1. "Together.  We Are One."
  2. Transformational Festivals
  3. Fairy Faith

Volume 9, Issue 2

  1. Circle of Gods 

Volume 9, Issue 1     

  1. Who Do You Trust?
  2. When Issues Ignite Ire
  3. Inspirational Quotes

Volume 8, Issue 12

  1. Global Calendar of Events: 2015

Volume 8, Issue 11

  1. Emerging Universalism
  2. The God Who Does Not Change
  3. The Theory of Evolution

Volume 8, Issue 10  

  1. Religions United for World Order
  2. Unity of Religion Agreement
  3. Agreement to Propose the Enactment of an International Law
  4. Climate, Faith and Hope: Faith Traditions Together for a Common Future

Volume 8, Issue 9 

  1. Not so Fast on "Judge Not" - A Call to Righteous Judgment
  2. Fast Facts on World Change
  3. Dumb Taxes

Volume 8, Issue 8

  1. Toward a New Civilization

Volume 8, Issue 7     

  1. Exploring Secular Humanism
  2. Quotes on World Order
  3. In Their Own Words - Human Manifesto I (1933)

Volume 8, Issue 6     

  1. Judeo-Christian Worldview & Economics
  2. The Bible & Money
  3. Starting With Debt
  4. Signs that the Global Economic Crisis is Accelerating

Volume 8, Issue 5     

  1. Mind Bending: Education for Global Activism
  2. Quotes on Propaganda & Persuasion
  3. Brainwashing in America

Volume 8, Issue 4 

  1. Critiquing Religious Transhumanism: Redux: An Evangelical Christian Cretiuqe of Religious/Christian Transhumanism
  2. Forcing Change and Transhumanism
  3. H. G. Wells and the World State

Volume 8, Issue 3

  1. Flashpoint Ukraine
  2. Energy Charts: Russia and Europe
  3. Ukraine in the Historical Crosshairs
  4. Timeline of Hope and Disappointment: Ukraine, Russia, and the World

Volume 8, Issue 2

  1. The Dissident Christian - Does This Describe You?
  2. Greening the Christian Community: The 1970's
  3. Speaking Truth to Power

Volume 8, Issue 1

  1. A Christian Critique: Religious Transhumanism Considered and Compared

Volume 7, Issue 12 

  1. Global Calendar of Events 2014
  2. Declaration on Peace in the Middle East

Volume 7, Issue 11     

  1. Different Gospel?
  2. Fast Facts on Mormonism
  3. Mormom or Christian?
  4. Witnessing to Cults
  5. The Mormon Doctrine of Jesus: A Christian Perspective
  6. The "Impossible Gospel" Presentation and Its Continued Relevance for Modern Mormonism
  7. Doctrine and Covenants 137:7 Is it Better to Have Never Known?
  8. Words of Jesus Christ

Volume 7, Issue 10 

  1. Politicizing Eco-Spirituality: The Call for Interdependence
  2. Climate Catastrophe Skeptics: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Shrink 'Em!

Volume 7, Issue 9     

  1. Smorgasbord of Challenge and Change
  2. Transformational Surprise
  3. Wickerman Burns
  4. Universal Religion: trance Dance in Nepal
  5. The Global Roots of Common Core Education
  6. Wolves in the Classroom: The Lightning Thief Unmasked
  7. Advancing Alternative Sexual Lifestyles: A US State Department Priority

Volume 7, Issue 8     

  1. Celebrations for Transformation: From Burning Man to Tomorrowland and Beyond
  2. Acts 17:16-32
  3. Jesus at the Well - John 4:4-26

Volume 7, Issue 7

  1. Examining Freemasonry: Part 2 - Pursuing Perfection
  2. Quotes on Perfection
  3. Freemasonry...Behind Closed Doors: A Biblical Look at The Lodge

Volume 7, Issue 6     

  1. A New Spirituality for a New Humanity: Thoughts on the Global Future 2045 International Congress
  2. Who's Who at the Global Future 2045 International Congress
  3. Open Letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moom
  4. The Politics of Evolution

Volume 7, Issue 5    

  1. Tolerance as a Tool for Transformation
  2. Tucker Letter
  3. Spirit of the Age
  4. Quotes on Family
  5. Green Jobs, Technocracy, and the Rise of Scientific Dictatorship
  6. Building the City of Man Redux

Volume 7, Issue 4     

  1. Transhumanism and Mormonism: Encounters in Salt Lake City
  2. Second Life
  3. Postman on Technology and Social Change
  4. Gods and More Gods
  5. A Christian Critique of Religious Transhmanism
  6. Purpose of the Mormon Transhmanist Association

Volume 7, Issue 3     

  1. Marching Toward Global Solidarity
  2. Thoughts on the Death of Hugo Chavez
  3. Ignoring the Essential
  4. Quotes on Communism and World Revolution
  5. Fast Facts on World Change

Volume 7, Issue 2     

  1. The Genesis of a Worldview
  2. The Green Nazi Hell
  3. First Adam - Last Adam

Volume 7, Issue 1     

  1. Anticipating Agenda 21: Framework for Global Governance
  2. Teichrib Life

Volume 6, Issue 12

  1. Global Events 2013: A Calendar of Events on World Change
  2. The Fall and Rise of Human Violence

Volume 6, Issue 11     

  1. The Labyrinth Journey: Walking the Path to Fulfillment?
  2. Mazes vs. Labyrinths

Volume 6, Issue 10     

  1. Truth Challenge? Our Changing World and the Great Commission
  2. Paul at Mars Hill
  3. Religious Symbols Identification Guide

Volume 6, Issue 9     

  1. Examining Freemasonry Part 1 - The Question of Religion
  2. The Larger Fabric of Masonry: Some Short Historical and Domestic Dimensions

Volume 6, Issue 8     

  1. Education for a New World
  2. Assults on Faith and Family: Parental Rights, Mandatory Training, and Re-Education
  3. Quotes on Education for Transformation
  4. Social Engineering for Global Change

Volume 6, Issue 7     

  1. A First Hand Look: Setting the Agenda for World Order
    We Must Unite Before we Destroy Each Other: A First-Hand Report on the World Federalist Movement
  2. Adventures in One World: The Agenda of Internationalism
  3. Why Winnipeg
  4. Stepping Stones to Global Order: 65 Years of World Federalist Victories
  5. Manifesto for a Global Democracy

Volume 6, Issue 6

  1. Exploring the Population Agenda

Volume 6, Issue 5     

  1. Agenda 21: The United Nations Plan for Your Sustainable Community
  2. The Rio Family of Documents
  3. Mark's Story
  4. Agenda 21's Role in America's Financial Breakdown
  5. In Their Own Words: Towards a Global Green Constitution

Volume 6, Issue 4     

  1. The Doctrine of Man: A Critique of Christian Transhumanism
  2. Transforming to the Transhuman
  3. Tell Me What is True: A Controversial Talk
  4. Frame-by-Frame: Trans-human Themes in Film

Volume 6, Issue 3

  1. Can't We all Share One Religion?
  2. Putting People Second
  3. Goodwill Ambassadors: The Smily Face of Globalization
  4. To Disarm America

Volume 6, Issue 2     

  1. One World, One Force: Part III - Swords into Plowshares, 1960 - 1969
  2. Who's Who?
  3. Timeline 1960 - 1969
  4. Council on Foreign Relations: Taking Itself Seriously
  5. In Their Own Words: A World Force in Operation

Volume 6, Issue 1    

  1. Creating a New Society: Change Agents and Influence Peddlers
  2. Biblical Foundations
  3. Quotes on a New Civilization
  4. Eugenics & Foundations
  5. In Their Own Words: International Good-Will

Volume 5, Issue 12     

  1. Global Calendar of Events - 2012
  2.  Peace on Earth: True or False?

Volume 5, Issue 11

  1. Riding the Wave of World Change
  2. Socialism, Perestroika, and Glasnost: The 19th All-Union Conference of the CPSU

Volume 5, Issue 10  

  1. Legacy: One Woman's Life
  2. The Virtuous Wife: Proverbs 31:16-31
  3. Rejoice!
  4. Martyrs For Christ

Volume 5, Issue 9     

  1. I Promise... To be Politically Correct
  2. Redefining Jesus Christ: The Biblical Jesus Versus the Counterfeits

Volume 5, Issue 8     

  1. The August Anniversaries
  2. Gold and Freedom
  3. A Hidden History of Evil: Why Doesn't Anyone Care About the Unread Soviet Archives?
  4. Collapsing the System: The Cloward-Piven Strategy

Volume 5, Issue 7     

  1. Looking Backward to Our Techno-Future
  2. Pandemonium's Engine
  3. New Faiths, New Worlds
  4. Extropy: Progress and Transformation

Volume 5, Issue 6     

  1. One World, One Force: Arming the International Community, Part II: Dancing the Cold War Two-Step, 1946 to 1959

Volume 5, Issue 5     

  1. One World, One Force: Arming the International Community, Part I, 1900 to 1945

Volume 5, Issue 4     

  1. It Just Makes Sense
  2. Is This the Beginning of Sorrows?
  3. Carnegie and the Muslim Brotherhood
  4. Pushing Israel Around

Volume 5, Issue 3     

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood & the Nazi Connection: Plotting to Kill Jews and Christians
  2. Freedom Vote for Southern Sudan
  3. Quotes From Political Islam
  4. Fast Facts on World Change: Focus on Islam, Israel, and Global Reach

Volume 5, Issue 2

  1. The Conspiracy of an Idea
  2. Ket Us Conspire
  3. A Chronological History: The New World Order

Volume 5, Issue 1

  1. The Spiritualization of Science, Technology, and Education in a One-World Society
  2. The Captain
  3. Psychedelics in the Prairies
  4. More on Esalen
  5. Everything Must Integrate: Brian McLaren, the Emergent Church, and the Influence of Esalen

Volume 4, Issue 12          

  1. Coming Change
  2. America's Sin
  3. New Missions

Volume 4, Issue 11          

  1. Communism Today: Dead or Alive?
  2. Communist Conspiracy?
  3. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  4. Sustainable Community
  5. Members of the SI

Volume 4, Issue 10                                                                                                              

  1. The Rise of Techno-Gods: The Merging of Transhumanism and Spirituality
  2. Five Short Points on Transhumanism
  3. Present Manifestations of the Western World's Most Influential Religion: Technocracy
  4. Transhumanist Declaration

Volume 4, Issue 9     

  1. The Fallacy of Social Justice     

Volume 4, Issue 8     

  1. Great Scott!  The Rise of Soviet Technicians: Engineering a New World Part 2
  2. Smart Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy?

Volume 4, Issue 7    

  1. Engineering a New World - Part 1
  2. Carbon Currency:  A New Beginning for Technocracy?

Volume 4, Issue 6                  

  1. Uniting Religions for World Change
  2. Points to Ponder
  3. Ever Unite Us
  4. Winnipeg, World Federalists & World Religions
  5. Lines of Influence
  6. A Time for Inspired Leadership

Volume 4, Issue 5      

  1. Where Should I Go? "Unrest in the Land of Opportunity
  2. Ten Topics on Silver: Each in Exactly 101 Words
  3. Cry, Our Beloved America: Sliding Down the Communitarian Slope
  4. The Year of Debt!

Volume 4, Issue 4

  1. Defining Deception: What is Yoga, Mysticism, New Age and the Occult?
  2. Bloody Utopian Dreams: The New Age, Communism, and Nazism

Volume 4, Issue 3

  1. The Rise of the Goddess
  2. Our Father in Heaven or Our Mother Earth
  3. Goddess Worship
  4. The Allure of the Goddess

Volume 4, Issue 2

  1. Understanding Six World Views That Rule the World
  2. The Mind-Changing Myths of Avatar: Blending Hinduism, Shamanism and Goddess Spirituality
  3. The Challenge of Communism/How Communists Destroyed the US/New Zealand Alliance: Lesson for Today's America
  4. Nazism and the False Church: Cultural Marixism and the False Church in America
  5. Science and the Supernatural

Volume 4, Issue 1

  1. 2010 Trends and Analysis: The World, the Asian Continent, and Economics

Volume 3, Issue 12

  1. Welfare Earth: Copenhagen and the Game of Global Management
  2. Global Warming: What Can I Do?
  3. ClimateGate, the Green Dragon, and the End of Christianity
  4. Quotable Quotes
  5. Global Events 2010: A Calendar of Events on World Change

 Volume 3, Issue 11

  1. Checking Our Brains at the Door: Spiritual Appeasement in the Age of Emergence
  2. Esoteric Christianity

Volume 3, Issue 10

  1. Back on Uncle Sam's Plantation
  2. Mandatory Thinking in Orwellian Thinking
  3. The Myth of Socialization
  4. Revisiting the Occult-Military Complex: Towards a Mystical Military

Volume 3, Issue 9

  1. Climate and Coinage: Hot Air and Money
  2. Cash for Climate: Clunkers Have Nothing on This
  3. Gore: U.S. Climate Bill Will Help Bring About Global Governance
  4. 83 Percent of All Statistics are Made Up on the Spot
  5. What to Do? A Look at Economics
  6. Gold and Silver: Historical Stores of Value
  7. America and Britain Must be Very Worried

Volume 3, Issue 8

  1. Sowing the Seeds of Global Government: The Vatican's Quest for a World Political Authority
  2. What Can I Do?
  3. Mandatory Training in Orwellian Thinking?

Volume 3, Issue 7

  1. What Exactly Do You Do? - Contrasts, Rumors, and Community Confusion
  2. Man as God: Living the First Lie
  3. Question of the Month: Untitled Future World Currency

Volume 3, Issue 6

  1. World Globalization of the Banking & Regulatory Structure
  2. Building a New Common Future: Twisting Faith and Finance in a Global Order
  3. Fast Facts on World Change

Volume 3, Issue 5

  1. Speaking Truth to Power
  2. The GEAR-UP Campaign: The United Nations Radical New Entity for Women Only
  3. Loud Paradigm Shift Rumblings
  4. The Blind Leading the Blind?  The United Nations Human Rights Council

Volume 3, Issue 4

  1. Acting Fabian
  2. Why "Hate Crime" Laws Would Ban Biblical Christianity
  3. Hate Crime Bill

Volume 3, Issue 3

  1. All For Gaia: Earth Day and Total Transformation
  2. Faith-Based Partnerships Ban Truth & Freedom: Selling our Souls in the Name of Service?
  3. Fast Facts on World Change: A World Central Bank and World Currency?
  4. The Shack: A Book Review

Volume 3, Issue 2

  1. Money Makes What Go Round?
  2. Jaguar Inflation
  3. Will the U.S. Embrace Global Socialism?
  4. Economic Woes
  5. quotes on the State of the Economy
  6. From Capitalism to Socialism to Communism: From 1929 to Today

Volume 3, Issue 1

  1. Filling the Chairs: A Leadership Review of the Barack Obama Administration

Volume 2, Issue 12

  1. Global Events 2009: A Calendar of Events on World Change

Volume 2, Issue 11

  1. Free Enterprise Did Not Cause the Market Meltdown
  2. Gorbachev Among First to Pounce on an American in Distress
  3. Consensus? What Consensus?
  4. Telling the Truth About Climate Change has Become a Revolutionary Act
  5. The Austrians Were Right: Statement by Congressman Ron Paul

Volume 2, Issue 10

  1. Dissecting the New Age: Thoughts on God and Government
  2. Examing the New Age: Basic Orientation
  3. In Their Own Words

Volume 2, Issue 9

  1. The Joseph Principle and Crisis Economics
  2. The Sad Road to Socialism: What Happens When Private Property is No Longer a Right
  3. False Values, False Economy, and the Devil to Pay
  4. What Are Banks For?

Volume 2, Issue 8

  1. Occultism in the Heartland
  2. One World - One Dream

Volume 2, Issue 7

  1. Freshening Up
  2. Families in the Western World Enduring Perilous Times
  3. Kosovo International Community: Just Another Pawn in the Game
  4. Fast Facts on World Change: A Call for a United Africa

Volume 2, Issue 6

  1. Economics Undone
  2. Money Answereth All Things
  3. It's Not and Oil Problem
  4. Weimar Inflation in America
  5. Quotes on Money, Inflation and Debt

Volume 2, Issue 5

  1. A People's World Government: Who's Fooling Whom?
  2. Heresy in High Places
  3. Survey on a Global People's Assembly

Volume 2, Issue 4

  1. Why Property Rights Matters: The War of World Views and the Right to Property
  2. BRIC and China Bank of the South: Gearing up for South American Integration
  3. The National Education Association (NEA)

Volume 2, Issue 3

  1. The Cold War Never Ended
  2. Quotes on Communism and World Change
  3. Menno Peace? A Response to a Pastor
  4. The European Union: A British View
  5. In His Own Words: The Most Trusted Man in America
  6. World Revolution: In Their Own Words

Volume 2, Issue 2

  1. Mind Control
  2. Tavistock
  3. Fast Facts on World Change
  4. American Socialism

Volume 2, Issue 1

  1. Understanding Religious Universalism
  2. Global Banks Embrace Islam

Volume 1, Issue 12

  1. One World Money
  2. Calendar of Events

Volume 1, Issue 11

  1. Global Warming, or Just Hot Air?
  2. Hot and Cold Media Spin Cycle: A Challenge to Journalists Who Cover Global Warming
  3. Is Classroom Preaching on Global Warming Indoctrinating the New Generation?
  4. UK High Court Rules Al Gore's an Inconvenient Truth to be Propaganda
  5. 2007: Global Warming Alarmism Reaches a "Tipping Point"
  6. Youth Declaration on Climate Change

Volume 1, Issue 10

  1. Setting the World Agenda: Understanding the Big Picture
  2. Brainwashing a Generation
  3. Question of the Month

Volume 1, Issue 9

  1. Education for Indoctrination: UNESCO and Seven Complex Lessons
  2. Nope, That's Not Money

Volume 1, Issue 8

  1. Paying for Global Governance: Ideas for International Taxation
  2. Unveiling the Global Interfaith Agenda
  3. Sharpening Claws: Russian Bomer Flights and American Interests in Central Asia

Volume 1, Issue 7

  1. To Conquer a Continent: Canada and the Re-Configuration of North America

Volume 1, Issue 6

  1. Cult of Green: The United Nations Environment Sabbath and the New Global Ethic
  2. Belonging to Gaia
  3. Earth Covenant: A Citizen's Treaty for Common Ecological Security
  4. World Environment Day: Hosts and Themes

Volume 1, Issue 5

  1. Creating a "Faith-Based" United Nations
  2. Global Governance 2002: An Intelligence Report on World Change

Volume 1, Issue 4

  1. Earth Day: A Radical Religious Agenda
  2. America's Stonehedge: Monument for New World

Volume 1, Issue 3

  1. Bridging Politics and Religion for Global Unification
  2. Education for Global Citizens

Volume 1, Issue 2

  1. Manipulating the Masses
  2. Flattery and the Big Lie

Volume 1, Issue 1

  1. Welcome to Forcing Change
  2. There's More to a City: Changeing Loyalties, Shifting Values, Embracing Global Governance
  3. Building the City of Man: Architecture for a World Utopia